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Some Say This May Be For Recreation.

We have heard this and it’s possible.

There will be people that will lie to our doctors and say they are in chronic pain. There is no meter that can be attached to someone to determine how much pain they are in so our doctors must be informed verbally of your condition.

The three possibilities that exist are with chronic pain, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis also know as ALS or Lou Gehrigs Disease. These conditions cannot be diagnosed with certainty and we understand that people will fake sicknesses to get legal and use medical marijuana.

We hope that patients will tell the truth but we understand that patients will fake their illnesses. With the hundreds of thousands of addicts that are currently on deadly opiate pain pills such as Oxycontin, lying to doctors to get intoxicating medicine is nothing new to this country.

We recommend that you be honest with our physicians, stating how much pain you are in, how often you get this pain and that you feel that treatment is necessary. It’s also important to state what causes you the pain such as chronic migraines or any injuries you may have suffered in the past.


Medical Marijuana Doctors Office=MMJDO


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