Marijuana May Prevent Alzheimers.

Research shows that the active ingredient in marijuana may prevent the formation of deposits in the brain associated with the degenerative disease.

Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute in California found that marijuana’s active ingredient, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, can prevent an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase from accelerating the formation of “Alzheimer plaques” in the brain more effectively than commercially marketed drugs.

THC is also more effective at blocking clumps of protein that can inhibit memory and cognition in Alzheimer’s patients, the researchers reported in the journal Molecular Pharmaceutics.

The researchers said their discovery could lead to more effective drug treatment for Alzheimer’s, the leading cause of dementia among the elderly.

Those afflicted with Alzheimer’s suffer from memory loss, impaired decision-making, and diminished language and movement skills. The ultimate cause of the disease is unknown, though it is believed to be hereditary.

Marijuana is used to relieve glaucoma and can help reduce side effects from cancer and AIDS treatment.


The Irony Of The Federal Government.

The United States government has been involved with medical marijuana since 1978.

They have been providing marijuana joints to patients for year that are produced at the University Of Mississippi. There are currently 6 patients, 4 of which are public, that have been getting joints for years.

Since it’s called the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program, they probably need to change the name since it’s not really new as it has been in effect for the last 33 years.

George H.W. Bush closed the program in 1992 to new patients but allows the others to continuously receive medication. At its peak, the program had 30 patients.

Happy 4-20 Everyone!!

Celebrate 4-20 by getting legal today, we can help.

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Attended The Green Relief Expo!!

Some of us went to Glendale for the first Medical Marijuana trade show in Arizona. Some great booths and a considerable amount of vendors have stepped up to the plate to help service this industry.

Some of the Doctors were charging $200 per recommendation which we think is outrageous. Spoke with one of the “physicians” and it turns out that they were a naturopath. With us using real MD’s and DO’s, we can help manage your medication program to make sure that relief is attained.

The Day Is Here!!

Today is the day you can apply with the state to become legal, get your recommendation from us and we will help!

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Some Say This May Be For Recreation.

We have heard this and it’s possible.

There will be people that will lie to our doctors and say they are in chronic pain. There is no meter that can be attached to someone to determine how much pain they are in so our doctors must be informed verbally of your condition.

The three possibilities that exist are with chronic pain, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis also know as ALS or Lou Gehrigs Disease. These conditions cannot be diagnosed with certainty and we understand that people will fake sicknesses to get legal and use medical marijuana.

We hope that patients will tell the truth but we understand that patients will fake their illnesses. With the hundreds of thousands of addicts that are currently on deadly opiate pain pills such as Oxycontin, lying to doctors to get intoxicating medicine is nothing new to this country.

We recommend that you be honest with our physicians, stating how much pain you are in, how often you get this pain and that you feel that treatment is necessary. It’s also important to state what causes you the pain such as chronic migraines or any injuries you may have suffered in the past.


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Why Is It Important To Get Legal?

There is a huge difference in the laws of California and Arizona when it comes to the legal process so I thought I would point out 2 scenarios as explained by state law and the repercussions of both. Assumptions are as follows;

1. Person is possessing 1 ounce of marijuana.

2. Person is not a qualified patient under state law.

3. Person is detained by law enforcement.

Without being a patient, this person committed a crime and would subject to the following penalties by state.


If this would happen within the state confines of California, the law enforcement office would write you a ticket and give you a fine for $100 and your medication would be taken away. You would not be detained any further than this and this crime would not go on your record. Simply put, marijuana possession for non-patients does less harm than a speeding ticket.


If this would happen within the state confines of Arizona, the law enforcement officer would be required to arrest you. They have the option to either charge you with a felony or a misdemeanor. The incarceration time will be within 6-18 months. The fine will be within the range of $750-$150,000. So if you didn’t get a lenient judge you could be facing huge fines and a long jail sentence.

This is an obvious and excellent reason to get legal. Having an Arizona medical card will save you jail time and money. For a harmless plant, this is an insane amount of  penalties.

This is why we say get legal and we mean it. Your rights as a patient are enormous. Those California residents are not in the same boat, 18 months of jail time vs. $100 is quite the difference. We hope that we will have the same decriminalization someday as California, but this may never happen.

Furthermore, If you choose to cultivate your medicine outside the state laws. You would be charged with a misdemeanor of a felony, your jail time would be 9-24 months and your fine could be withing the same amount of $750-$150,000. This is why we feel it is important to get your growers endorsement when you get your state card.

Also, possession of paraphernalia such as pipes would be a 6-18 months jail sentence and anywhere up to $150,000 fine.

If you will be providing patients with this medication, it is imperative that you apply for a caregivers license. Should you receive any money for providing someone with their medication you would face 18-36 months in jail and the same fines. Sale or deliver for sale is contains the same fine but the incarceration time for this is 30-84 months. The caregiver portion of the law will save some serious jail time.

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