Working On Finalizing Our Patient Licensing Center

Finalizing the plan for our patient licensing center. It is estimated that 20% of patients will not have access to a computer to get legal so we have put together the following plan.

The three main items that have posted the biggest issues are the following.

600 dpi scanned photograph for your card.

Electronic copy of your drivers license.

Electronic copy of your doctors recommendation.

For the picture we will be adding a digital camera hooked to the terminal that will take your photograph and you can upload from there.

We are adding a scanner where you can turn your drivers license as well as you recommendation into electronic copies for attachment.

This should take care of the hardest items to come up with for your Arizona State Medical Marijuana Card, as well as just having an area for patients.

Although a card in California is optional, they have locations similar to third party DMV’s that will help you get licensed. This would be a great addition to Arizona to help get the patients going.


60% Of Day 1 Applicants Have Chronic Pain!!

News story reports 110 patients have applied for their medical marijuana card on our first day. 60% of them have listed their condition as chronic pain.

We understand that chronic pain and the long lasting effects of injuries cause this and we feel for these people. We hope that medicinal marijuana helps or continues to help their conditions. Long term side effects, addiction, and possible overdoses that are associated with some pain killers is difficult.

Scheduling Evaluations

We are looking to get appointments scheduled but due to overwhelming response we may not be able to answer the phone. Please leave a message and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

(480) 420-TODAY

(480) 420-8632

We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Medical Marijuana Doctors Office-MMJDO