Prolonged Visine Usage.

Prolonged usage of Visine can cause blood vessels to be dilated for extended periods of time. It can also cause  redness to worsen after extended usage.


Important Dates

Just wanted to inform everyone of some important dates in the near future.

April 14th: The Arizona Department of Health Services will begin accepting applications for your state cards. Hopefully they will process these quickly and have to under state law and Proposition 203. If they don’t have your application processed in a timely fashion, your application will become your card and you would be legal if it is notarized. It’s important to know that these applications will only be accepted online. You will also need to have an electronic copy of your doctors recommendation to attach to your application. We will help you with this so that there is no confusion. Some doctors will just give you a piece of paper where we will have terminals to aid you in your licensing. We care that you are legal and will help you achieve this. If you choose and we are not positive about how this is going to work, but you can opt to have a growers endorsement. Until dispensaries are located with 25 miles of you, then you will be able to cultivate your own medicine. We believe that this option should not cost any extra so it is our recommendation that you go ahead and request this just in case.

June 1st: The state will begin accepting applications for dispensaries throughout Arizona.

July 1st: The state will stop accepting applications for dispensaries and will begin reviewing the,=n.

Sometime in August: The state will approve conditional licenses for dispensaries. They will have 10 months to get open or they risk losing their approval. We hope that some will open rather quickly to serve the patients but it could be likely that it will take a year from this date to have one open in your area. That’s why opting for the growers endorsement seems like a good idea.

Sometime in September: This is when we see most dispensaries open but there is no guarantee. We know some will open right away.

More Federal Problems With Dispensaries!

There were several raids in Montana about a month ago and this is getting scary, the federal government is taking away the rights of the patient by shutting down state legal dispensaries and cultivation facilities.

The problem exists though. If you primarily shut down the cultivation facilities the product will just come from Mexico. Since Washington and Montana are getting targeted, the BC bud market will flourish. Simply put they will still allow patients to use their medicine, they are just controlling where it comes from.