Medical Marijuana And Lung Disease

A recent study was found to determine the combined and independent effects of tobacco and marijuana smoking on respiratory symptomsand chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the general population.  COPD is a progressive lung disease that makes it hard to breathe.  COPD symptoms include chronic coughing, mucus production, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness.  The leading cause of COPD is tobacco smoke.  The above mentioned study evaluated 878 people aged 40 and older and assessed their respiratory history, use of tobacco and use of marijuana. They performed lung function tests before and after using medication that opens up the lungs.

The findings: “Smoking both tobacco and marijuana synergisticallyincreased the risk of respiratory symptoms and COPD. Smokingonly marijuana was not associated with an increased risk ofrespiratory symptoms or COPD.”  (Tan, et al, Canadian Medical Association Journal, 4/14/09; 180)

Despite these findings, most physicians still recommend that medical marijuana patients do not smoke their medication and instead use vaporizers, edibles, or tinctures.  It is clear from this study that the damage that smoking tobacco can cause is significant (which we all knew before anyway!) and it can be worsened if you also smoke marijuana.


Attended The Green Relief Expo!!

Some of us went to Glendale for the first Medical Marijuana trade show in Arizona. Some great booths and a considerable amount of vendors have stepped up to the plate to help service this industry.

Some of the Doctors were charging $200 per recommendation which we think is outrageous. Spoke with one of the “physicians” and it turns out that they were a naturopath. With us using real MD’s and DO’s, we can help manage your medication program to make sure that relief is attained.

We Have Been Notified That The States Application Site Is Having Troubles.

It appears that there has been some trouble when applying to get your state medical marijuana ID card. You need to have a scanned copy of your drivers license as well as a photo and your doctors recommendation.

Also there have been some timeout issues on the site. Stick with it and the troubles should be cleared up soon.

60% Of Day 1 Applicants Have Chronic Pain!!

News story reports 110 patients have applied for their medical marijuana card on our first day. 60% of them have listed their condition as chronic pain.

We understand that chronic pain and the long lasting effects of injuries cause this and we feel for these people. We hope that medicinal marijuana helps or continues to help their conditions. Long term side effects, addiction, and possible overdoses that are associated with some pain killers is difficult.

Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal In Arizona!!

Applications will have to be submitted online and you will need electronic copies of some documents:

An electronic copy of your photo identification.

A current digital photograph.

An electronic copy of your certification signed by your physician.

An electronic copy of your attestation agreeing not to divert your medication.

The link to that form can be accessed by clicking here.

If yo are now receiving assistance such as food stamps, you will need to provide proof and you will receive a 50% discount.

The adult application can be found here.

The minor application can be found here.

To apply as a caregiver, you will need the patients state id number to get started and that can be accessed here.

There is quite a few more steps for this process so be aware.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post there here and we can try to help out.

The Day Is Here!!

Today is the day you can apply with the state to become legal, get your recommendation from us and we will help!

Medical Marijuana Doctors Office-MMJDO

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We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

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